Our ambitious 10-10-10 goal is to build 10 great companies with combined net worth of 10 billion and providing at least 10 thousand jobs by 2030

We are on track!

Our Projects

1. Jenga School

A Data Science and AI school with a mission to unleash Africa's genius to help solve global problems. We equip students with both soft and technical skills, whilst keeping up with the latest trends in order to meet global talent demands.

2. Systematic Entrepreneurship

An online platform that equips innovators with the necessary knowledge, understanding and key resources to facilitate theit entrepeneurial journey and help them get unstuck

3. Launchpad

Launchpad is an innovation campus, a collective world class space where the innovation community can aggregate its resources to coexist, collaborate and co-create. It is essentially the heartbeat and nerve center of the Nairobi ecosytem

4. Startbox

This is a project that is designed to help young innovators successfully set up their ventures by providing well researched information and guidance.

5. Done! International

Done International is a platform where we help people living in the diaspora plan, organize, and execute projects back home