The Big Picture

Africa is at the dawn of an economic transformation and innovative startups will be key players in this inflection

Africa's Mean Age


High Concentration of Young Talent

Mobile Penetration in Kenya

98 %

High rate of tech adoption

Fastest growing consumer market


High demand for innovative solutions

The Problem

Innovators are struggling to get their ideas to market due to crippling ecosystem gaps

Ecosystem Gaps

Low capacity of startup experienced advisors and mentors

Limiting mindset, Risk averse society and lack of social safety nets

Extreme difficulty accessing early funding and support systems

Lack of startup focused professional services

The Solution

Ecosystem catalytic startup studio for enabling the development of innovative ideas and scaling entrepreneurial capacity

Entrepreneur in Residence

In-house Professional Services

Resource Network

Media Platfrom

The Objective

Expand entrepreneurial capacity and know-how in the ecosystem

Increase number of startups securing growth capital

Cultivate a culture of high integrity, high performance, and high collaboration