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Are you an exceptional talented individual looking for an opportunity to work on transformative African startups? Join us!

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We are Innovators and Entrepreneurs at heart

Our mission is to ensure young talented Africans have a chance at participating in the digital transformation of Africa as creators and owners.

What We Do

Develop Innovation Leaders

We offer talented individuals the opportunity to work on well vetted ideas with guidance and mentorship from industry experts.

Launch Start-ups

We launch fundamentally sound early stage startups that have a meaningful chance of attracting growth capital for scaling and impacting community.

Build Communities

We create events and conversation platforms intended for imparting knowledge and shifting mindsets for people in our community.

Our Talent Programes

Are you a talented recent college graduate with a passion for innovation, entrepreneurship and with a good track record? Join our Innovation Program to work on vetted ideas alongside like-minded peers and experienced mentors. Apply Now

Are you an exceptional individual seeking to transition your career from the corporate world to the dynamic startup ecosystem? Or perhaps you're looking to leverage your diaspora exposure for an innovative career shift? Join us for the Master's Innovation Fellowship. Apply Now

Are you seeking unparalleled leadership opportunities in driving Africa's digital transformation? Our Leadership Track is designed for visionaries and change-makers like you. The program focuses on honing leadership skills, fostering innovation, and creating a network of influential leaders. Apply Now

Are you an industry expert interested in exploring part-time work opportunities? Our Side Hustle program is calling. Embrace diverse experiences as we tap into the gig economy, offering opportunities that go beyond traditional boundaries. Apply Now

Why Join Us

At IAN we value your contribution and reward it. Here is a snippet of what you will get.

Career Acceleration

Startups require a specific mindset and skillset. Our learning and startup ecosystem helps you gain requisite skills, grow and scale up as thoughtful and innovative leader.

Leadership Opportunities

Empower yourself as a leader. Dive into challenging projects, mentorship, and diverse growth opportunities within a collaborative environment. Master your innovative leadership skills for impactful success.

Friendly Work Ecosystem

Join us at LaunchPad Innovation Campus, where diverse talents & startups converge bringing in  cutting-edge technology, global exposure, and a vibrant coworking community.

Gamified L&D Programs    

Experience interesting learning and development programs through competitive learning pods, mental models and digital libraries and International mentor networks.

Mentor Network

Access our global mentor network & unlock opportunities with coaching, project advisory, and learning sessions that will make sure you are always ahead!

Competitive Packages

Thrive with competitive pay, performance based bonuses, L&D investments and employee stock options as Creators & Owners.

By 2030 our vision is to develop 10 scale-ups, that provide 10K jobs, with a combined value of $10B.






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